Gaming computing or computer gaming is simply the use of any computer that is designed to play any video games. Since hardware components on the motherboard became commonly integrated starting in the 1990’s, any commercial mainstream computer with the addition of a performance-enhanced video card can now be used to play standard computer video games.

With more serious gaming computing enthusiasts, because of the variety of parts that can be built-in into a computer to play video games, gaming computers are usually custom-built or assembled, rather than buying a pre-assembled commercial desktop. Although gaming computing usually involves a desktop computer because of its power and capacity, more recently, gaming laptops has been making a popular commercial entry and becoming the mobile equivalent of gaming desktops.

Aside from gaming laptops, the gaming computing industry has slowly featured some amazing advances in the technology.

Facial Recognition
Facial recognition coupled with 3D scanning technology now allows systems to create your likeness for specific video games so gamers can create their own custom avatar, including the gamers’ own facial expressions.

Amazing Graphics
Gaming computing has come a long way from the days of basic 8-bit graphics (remember playing those NES family computer games?). Today, cutting edge technology now allows gamers to experience games in fully rendered environments with photo realistic textures and higher image quality and realism.

Virtual Reality
Though virtual reality gaming consoles are still in its infancy and are not commercially viable yet, development of VR headset displays are ready to give gamers a fully immersive gaming experience the likes of which has never been experienced before. The gamer can actually “lose” himself/herself in the reality of the game.

Mobile Gaming
With the wide array mobile phone usage, gaming experiences are not just limited to the arcade, desktops, and gaming laptops. Games can now be played in the palm of a hand. Just observe the number of people hunched over games on their mobile devices on public transits or sitting anywhere comfortably. Mobile technology has also taken digital gaming by storm by introducingonline mobile gaming.

Cloud Gaming Computing
Gaming computing is no longer limited by the amount of memory or hard disk capacity. Using the cloud offers games even with massive server sizes wherein images can be streamed to your screen through the internet.

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