IT Asset Decommissioning

IT Asset Decommissioning

IT Asset Decommissioning service decommissions existing equipment to accommodate new installations while providing positive ROI and detailed documentation.

We dispose depreciated assets while protecting your brand equity and increasing resale potential. From on-site coordination to value recovery, our expertise and processes promise compliance and maximize ROI. Every equipment is tested, inventoried and detailed results are included in the reports.

Our Approach

We offer two options:

1. Purchasing

  • Provide upfront payment
  • Inmediate pick-up
  • We not only want your Cisco or PCs, we want all your IT equiptment you have available.

2. Brokerage

  • Offers highest return
  • Best detailed reporting
  • We are a partner that can move your inventory quickly and obtain the highest possible return.


Our IT asset decommissioning (ITAD) services include:


  • Coordinate labor and packaging
  • Uncable, unrack, and palletize hardware
  • Arrange shipping and logistics
  • Wipe or shred sensitive data
  • Research marketability
  • Refurbish or recycle, as appropriate

To achieve our high quality standards, Hardware Resale uses documented organizational systems and procedures. All of our services are based on proven best practices.

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